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Hunted on Bear,Coon,Bobcats,Lions
Mears old Finley River and Spring Creek Rock our main bloodlines!
Welcome! We started this line of Walkers
1988. We hunt bear, coon,and all cats! We
had hounds since 1980 but never found
what we wanted. I Diana was raised around
hounds. We wanted a dog that can track
cold or hot, run to catch plus treeing ability a
must! So We found what we like with Mear's
old Finley River and Spring Creek Rock
hounds. The walkers we breed are known
for their noses, tracking and treeing ability!
We are more than happy to show any of our
dogs in the woods!!!!

We offer Guided bear hunts with hounds!
$800 Half down for booking for 2014! But
you must first draw a tag. Fee includes
Guaranteed hunt we help with getting the
bear out of the woods.   We hunt and live in
Rhinelander,Wisconsin  hunt  Zone B.  If we
can be of service call (715)282-2146
anytime! Bobcat hunts also.

We have our dogs being hunted in over 48
states,plus Canada.
Hunted on bear,coon,bobcats,lions!
Some pups are rigging bear as early as six
months,treeing bear by six months that they
started! Its the same on Lions, or on coon!
They are very tree minded. But they are also
easy to work with and hunted to get this
good so early.
Our breeding program works for us as we
demand tree dogs that can track. Tracking
and treeing ability a must will not give on
either its both or nothing. Plus heart,
stamina, conformation ,brains ,ability, desire
are a few things we look for before breeding
any dog. Some days dogs run a bear for 5 to
10 hours six days a week. We don't want to
big and heavy hound 80 lbs or more that
over heat after hunting an hour. We breed
for 45 to 70 lbs with a good under coat for
cold winters, and thick brush with briar's in
the summer. We show and field trial our
hounds some during the off season to show
that we have good of a looking dogs that
hunt! Dual purpose hounds is what we
breed for. We have had many Champions
bred here but Track and Tree dogs live here.

Thanks to all those that bought young dogs
or pups. We will have more pups keep
checking back for the cross you are looking
We have been asked again to Train outside
dogs on bear. During July and August $400
per dog for one month. Book early
Bruce is as good as it gets for producing track
and tree dogs that are accurate on coon, bear
and all cats.. Bruce is as cold nose as they come
and puts that nose on his pups. Dogs had another
great 2015 year.
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We are very interested whats in the bag of
dog food as well as price. Thats why our
dogs stay healthy, live long lives years not
much for health issues.  We were told about
4 Health from Tractor Supply. We feed the
performance mixed with Sportmix
Wholesome dog food. We don't feed corn or
soy in our dog food.
Proud Hound Owners Send Us your
John Bush Bear Hunt! (Nitehound)2001
My Info:
Gordon & Diana Schrump

house phone 715-282-2146
Son Scott and his dad Gordy first lion 2009!!!
Hounds or pups For Sale!
Amanda's Bear 2009
Haley's Page
Our Females! Dot,  Naughty Sally, Lizzy, Bella,
and Gabby !
Reward for these Missing Dogs!
Kevin Peterson,Cheyenne Vogt  from
Redgranite,WI are not people you want to
trust. They still haven't paid for Duke if he is
still alive.  They are not honest people they kill
other peoples dogs!!.
All pictures are not to be taken without
our permission. Coy right laws are in
Lonnie for stud!