Proud Owners and their dogs bought from us!
Here are a couple pictures of dogs that were bought here and went on to be top bear
dogs!More pics as we get them!
Pickles owned by Mike Tillery Iione,Cal
Pickles was running bear at eight months
old and treed her first Mt. Lion at ten
months old alone!
Beckey on left Charlie(Full brother to
Rudy,Lil Ruby,Dottie,Jamie)on right
owned by Jeff Segebrecht Barneveld,Wis.
Russell Pone Outfitters Idaho with
Mack's son Romey with a nice 400lb dressed made Boone record.
Katie (littermate to
Beckey)owned by Rick
Koenig. Rick also owns
Sully male out of Rudy
and Sally Sue that is
doing a fine job on coon
and bear!
Joe (Dakota & Dottie cross)left and on tree is
another from us Shiela (Norton and Lil Ruby
cross)owned by Mile Collins, WV coon dog! Treed
on a windy night Feb 2008
Mike and Joe
Crank owned by Larry Mongold WV pic at months five
Sheila littermate ot our Ally just turned three doing a
nice job on her own. Norton and LiL Ruby cross.
Owned by Mike Collins WV
Rock owned by Dee Powell
out of Dottie and Diesel.
River Ridge Turn It Up first show RQE
best in show Butcher and Lil Ruby cross.
Seven months old.
Tipper a Haley pup first bear at 11
months old Dec,15,2007
Brad Riehead AZ and kids playing with their
seven month old pup Savage and Jamie cross
River RidgeTurn it up now at nine or ten
months old. Bucther and Lil Ruby cross.
Nice year old male out of Bucther and Lil
Ruby cross.
This is Deamon Nolan Caldwell's,WVdog out
of Joise and Rudy. Littermate to Diesel.  Bear