Bear Hunting with John Bush !
We had another great week hunting with John! Here are some pics.
Becky treeing on a bear! Good rigg dog on
bear and runs to catch.
Bear treed in water at edge of
swamp!Young dogs did a great job with
Lil Ruby showing them how!
Tinker,Haley,Hope,Jamie,plus Gypsy.Split
treed one mile from the other yearling.
Lil Ruby they don't come much better bred or hard hunting bear dog!
This kill season 2002 Lil Ruby and Jamie walk and bayed up close
400 plus bear for ten hours and twelve miles first day,seven hours the
next same bear,eight hours the next same bear just could never get
the hunter in the right spot at the right time,we did have three chicken
hunters from Appleton,Wis Tim Gualt,Kevin Johnson,Jeff Duck Hunter
all scared and went home after two days of hard hunting!After they left
we treed several bear,but not as big as the big one,but we very nice
bears that two hunters filled their tags with!Pics soon the old sow
dressed 233,skinned six and half feet long!
The split tree with the other yealy was
treed with Sally Sue,Rudy,Amy
Dogs treed on bear with John!
John's Lucy dog treed on bear! Lucy not
used to hard running and fast running
trying to keep up would give her all!
Rudy,Lucy,Dakota treed on bear by John!
Bear waitng for John to get done with
pictures so he could go and wait to eat