Sweet Talking Walkers 2
Hope,Lil Ruby,Rudy(in back)2001
Old Ruby the mother of Rudy,Jamie,Dottie,LiL
Ruby and other!
Rudy(left) and Son "Tiny" Year and half old
!Killed on bear! 2001
Amy Sue at two year old! Super hard hunting
and tree dog! Won Queen of Show!
Amanda and her dog AmySue! At a year old
GrNiteCH,GrCH  Sweet Talking Lady Sue by
Dual GrCH Mear's F. R. Zoom Loudest mouth
ever on a hound ! Never had a problem winning a
night during a big summer thunder storm, you
could hear her    a long ways! Mother to SallySue
and others!!! Bred her to Drifter twice and they
were out standing!
Drifter father of Sally Sue and others!No
better accurate track & tree dog,never
offered to run off game! Had no
interest!Half brother half sister cross out
of Spring Creek Rock !!!!!!
Josie another top track and tree dog
littermate to Tyke I don't have any good
tree pictures !