Sweet Talking Wakers 3
Here are Bear pictures!
Really big bear that we Treed off blacktop road
about 50 yards!One dog Treed! Watch for more
pics this year love hunting hounds on bear! 2001
This is bear we got 2000 ! Rudy started this bear after it rained
all night long! Rudy was running and treeing his own bear by a
year old! Cold nose that runs to catch! Shooter on left from Lake
Tomahawk, Son Scott and daughter Amanda holding dogs
Jamie (left), LiL Ruby, Rudy, Dakota, Dottie, SallySue!  all did
there part put it in the tree! 50 feet off the road!
Bear treed the last day of training season 2002 and we got
again during kill season! Dressed 233lbs! We harvested four
nice bears for 2002
Bear the dogs treed in 2001 hot evening !
Won the WBHA big bear contst fourth place with LIL Ruby
and Jamie 2004. Squirrel shot the bear and is in the picture
but didn't have the tag. Dressed 459lbs.