Sweet Talking Walkers 4
Here are some our females they are hunting dogs and what we use in our breeding program! We want
a dog to take a track as they come cold to hot! Cold to me is 10 hours old,hot is 15 minutes old!Run
open on that track and the ability to move it along!Dogs have to run with a running bear,and stay with a
mean fighting walking bear. We have never had to cross breed for cold noses,never needed another
breed to get the job done! We have been to the east coast,south,and west have always had as good
right here at home. We will out cross when we find something to help improve or want some of the
same blood we have use for years! We will show any dog in the woods and let you listen to the music!
July and August we will show our dogs in the woods!
Hope treeing with style hard hunting dog
and hard tree dog!As loud as the come
super bawl mouth!
SallySue on Left,Dottie in the middle, and AmySue
daughter of Rudy's and SallySue's on right!Dogs had
split treed on two yearling about two miles apart.
Girls day of Hunting! Trudi Somers a good friend from
Harshaw,Wis shot this bear on the run one shot!It would not
tree!On the last day of season at noon! We didn't get to the woods
til 9:30 am and who would of thought SallySue,Rudy,Beckey would
be able to find it it was washed by rain and old track what there
was of one!LiL Ruby and Jamie we saved for little while before
turned loose! I don't like to turn just one dog loose all the time, i
want the dogs to hunt and work togther alone or group and find
that bear!LiL Ruby on far left,Beckey middle and Jamie held by
Trudi.on the right I am holding Rudy left and Sally Sue on
right!Dressed 236lbs for Trudi's first bear!
SallySue back and Beckey close treeing on
bear that Beckey rigg at least 3 to 4 hours
old,could tell by how long it took them to
move the track and warm it up! Dogs stayed
treed for over four hours it took to get to them!
Can't see the cliff they are on,but one of the
dogs Dottie fell of and some how made it out
to help!Steve Reindel's group found her!
Beckey doing what she does best! Sit down
and trees!Super start dog ,rigg dog, puppy
trainer! Beckey is an outstanding track and
tree dog, really can figure out a track and not
take a back track! Her whole litter was
outstanding in the wood's track and tree,all
the heart u can ask for! And Drive!
Beckey at 10 weeks old seeing her first
coon! Watch for Beckey's older brother
Hunter from Lake Tomahawk harvest season of 1999. Our
young pack of bear hounds with a nice 300lb dressed
bear. Cody Schmidt,Scott,Amanda and us.
Dottie and SallySue treed on a bear during
1997 harvest season.
Sally Sue's Pedigree!