Sweet Talking 5
My hat off to those People that came before me like Duane Clark,John Wade,Lonnie Mear's,Joe D Grizzle,Ted Holekamp,Jack Anderson,Natalie Drake,Rick Emerson,,and many others over the
years,that bred to hunting dogs and show dogs! What can i say about Rudy he is a producer of track and tree dogs,he is a start to finish dog on all treeing game! Dakota is and will always be a hunting
dog! Super puppy trainer also!Both are presure tree dogs!Will not leave a tree! I don't like cross country coon dogs that take 10 to 15 coon tracks to find one they can finish! I rarely even had a dog start a
track they couldn't finish!  I don't want a one bark tree dog! I want to hear that dog trail on track to the tree and hear the dog tree! What fun is it if u got to hunt by using the tracking box! I rather hunt by the
music i hear in the woods listening to the dogs! Like i said come for a hunt and let the dog show you what they do best Hunt!!!!!!!!
Here you can see the bear at the top! Dakota will try get up the
tree! Look at Dakota's Pedigree is old time line bred Finley
River, line bred Roger's Sugar Loaf Chief!
Rudy one of the best all around hounds gave
120% every time no excuses! We have a son and
couple of grandsons and son that will try and fill
his feet! Watch for DieselLil Lonnie,Norton, and
Amanda puting Rudy on the Bench
Rudy treeing on his bear! Passed away September,2003
Dakota and Lill Ruby treed bear for nine
hours before we could get to them.
Diesel Treed on his bear!
Haley, Lil Ruby and Diesel on left Treed bear!
Lil Ruby and Norton treed on a bear! Norton is owned by Buzz
Diesel with Gordy playing around on the bench.
Norton a son out of Rudy treeing on a bear!
Norton and Diesel! Treed on bear on the right!
Diesel treed again on a bear he treed.
Rudy's Pedigree!
Dakota's Pedigree!
Diesel and Shania!