Amanda's Bear in tree.
Diesel tree on bear. Watching to
make sure its not coming down
Diesel and LiL Lonnie treed on a
Haley treeing on bear.
Haley,LiL Lonnie,and Diesel treed
on bear
AmySue and LiL Lonnie treed on bear.
Amysue is 11 years old.
Scott,granddaughter Haley with
mom Amanda. Amanda's first bear.
Another bear we treed Amanda
passed on this one.
Shania and Grace treed on bear.
Stephanie telling AmySue good job.
Scott telling Diesel and LiL Lonnie
what a good job. Amanda still can't
believe she got  her bear!
Bear we treed.
Deisel on left and LiL Lonnie on the
Bear dogs treed.
Another bear dogs treed.
Bear dogs treed. Amanda passed
on this bear.
Shania treed this bear next to
the highway on opening day of
our bear harvest season.
Amanda passed on this bear.
Another bear dogs treed. again
Amanda passed on this little bear.
Amanda knew that there were
bigger bears but they were not
hitting the baits.
This was Amanda's first bear tag. We didn't have much of a training season with so many wolves around. But the
dogs sure did turn it on come harvest season. Its not about seeing how many bears you can kill its the size. Its
about ethical hunting,fair chase,leaving something to hunt next year. Anybody can go to the woods and kill
something. We don't feel the need to kill everything in the woods. We have been breeding this line of walkers for
twenty years and the pups we are breeding keep getting better. We don't hunt in a big groups thats why we have
such quality dogs track and tree dogs and the breeding behind them. Plus we hunt our young dogs to make them
into some top track and tree dogs.