Bear Harvest 2003
These are the first two bears of the season! Mike and Fred bears were mean bear that were shot on the ground!
This is Fred Blickel of Sugar Camp,Wis and his 240 lbs
dressed  bear! Fred is 81 years old! Fred had a very good
and hopes that he can come back!
This is Mike Unverzagt of Lake Mildred in
Rhinelander,WI and his 200lb dressed bear! This
one was really hard mean bear to get!
The were a couple of the dogs hunted on Fred's
bear! The three littermate sisters! Lil Ruby,Dottie, and
Lil Jamie!There are no bettter bay dogs that rarely get
a scratch! Lots of brains and ability bred in these
dogs! Pups this winter bred back to double line bred
Spring Creek Rock and Mears' Finley River! Very
good shot on the ground by an 81 year young guy!
This is another picture of Mike's bear! Mike will tell what a hunt and
what a job Lil Jamie did for five hour alone before we could get help
to her! This bear was so mean most other dogs stayed a little back
! This bear tried to run dogs over and chased another hunter!
Here are some of the dogs used on
Mike's bear! Lil Jamie on left, Hope, and
Sally Sue! SallySue is our cold nose start
dog and Hope is comming along also!
These are some of the dogs that held Freds bear on the ground til
Fred made that great shot! SallySue in the back,Lil jamie one the left
of the front three dogs!Beckey, and Dottie also!Got this bear in the
afternoon started about 3:00 pm and shot by 7:00 pm ! Great time
and great hunt that what we like to see here! These walker hounds
are bred for this! Selected by hunting ability, brains,and speed !
old Ruby at fifteen in July 2006 taken April 9,2006 Ruby
passed on November 18,2007 was 17 years old