2008 Harvest Season
Here is one bear we treed mid morning on Sunday
September 14th. But let go. We don't like to shoot sows
because the have the cubs and need to leave
something to train dogs on next year. Good sportmans
like to leave something for next year. We don't shoot out
everything we tree. Diesel,Beckey,and Lonnie treed this
bear. About 150lbs live wanted something bigger.
Dani Unverzagt 17 year old daughter of Mike
Unverzagt of Rhinelander had taken this bear two
days into season. This male had a 5 inch pad but
no fat on him dressed 160lb. In a normal year he
would of been 200lbs plus. But our super long hard
winter and not so good berry season alot of bear
around here are super small they don't have any
fat for winter yet with super big feet.The
taxidermery out of Antigo said they had notice this
also on 95% of bears bought in so far.Dogs we
used were Diesel and Shania. Grace and Ally also.
A couple of friends Bill & Deb Blumke from Mich
had Butch.
Deisel and Butch after the bear was shot!
Here is my bear we harvested.  300lbs
dressed weight on scale.
Bear I turned down. We think that there
might be something a litter bigger.
Diesel started this bear. Diesel is one of a kind
bear dog. Then we added Shania and Haley.
Thanks Pete Cramer from Suring for Shania a
super bear dog next to Diesel I have ever seen.
Shania is out of Haley's littermate brother Duke
and Franny who is out of SallySue's brother
Chilly will breed to Diesel asap. Haley did a
super job. Then later Lil Lonnie and Ally.
Here is the bear we waited all season to
harvest. The certified scale said 480 first
time but didn't think he was that big
300 second time on scale.We believe in
fair chase. We don't hunt with alot of
people. We love track and tree dogs
that will bay up a bear.
Chip and Buzz Schmidt help Gordy drag this
bear let me tell you three people had all they
could do took three hours after they got him
out to game cart all up hill from there with a
mile to go. Gordy had to gut the bear as the
bear was so big me and Amanda so we had to
hold and help get Gordy rolled the bear over
and that was a chore for this big bear.
Here is my bear fighting a sow on the
bait. He is seven feet.