Bear Training Season 2008
Here are the next generation of bear dogs 2008.
Here is a sow treed next to creek. Dogs did a
great job. Shania did start this bear with Haley.
Young bear tried to come down the tree before I
was done taking pictures!
Mama bear with two cubs Shania
treed with Ally.
This bear stop comming to baits end of
August we feel he was poached for his
white. I love the pictures and running
dogs more than I need to kill
This bear never did get that rock off
he tried though
Haley and Lil Lonnie doing a nice job
Lil Lonnie and Shania doing a nice job
treeing on a bear.
Haley and Diesel on the tree.
Mike Chern a hunter we took out last year just loves
to go bear hunting with our dogs he came back this
year to hunt and take pictures. Said it isn't about
killing something. Mike took this picture of Lil Lonnie
Here is another picture Mike took of Shania(Duke &
Franny cross) and LiL Lonnie(Finley River Pete and Zip
littermate to AmySue). Shania will start and tree own
bear don't want nothing to do with a coon. LiL Lonnie first
bear season he is doing a great job on track and tree.
Here is Diesel and Lil Lonnie treeing on a bear. Lonnie is a young
grandsone to Rudy and SallySue doing a great job his first year
on a bear. They are really making a good team.
Haley,Diesel,LiL Lonnie treed on a
bear! Ally in the back.