Bear Training Season 2004
Bear tree in 15 minutes Saturday! Out of the
woods and home by 9:00 am! Can't ask for
more for training season!
Diesel nice year old (Rudy and Josie
cross last litter)Doing very well for only
being hunted on bear for four days!Will
stay and fight a mean bear no problem!
Really coming along !
Grace another year old that is doing very well this is
only her second day hunting on bear!Jamie is the old
seven year old that hasn't heard that dogs at that age
are too slow and can't keep up! Well anybody thats
wants to come and tell her that please do! so that
these young dogs can keep up! LOL
Gordy letting Haley know that she did a great job!Haley is
a natural tree and track that she is bred for! I will breed her
back to Diesel or a nice young 8 month old Nemo that is
doing very well for his age also!
Haley on the Tree and Diesel sitting
down! Hunts like an old timer! Not bad for
a year old that has only been hunted on
bear four times!Lil Ruby on the side!
Norton and Diesel treed on a bear! Norton is a full brother to Beckey!
Solid track and tree dog on coon and bear! Norton stud fee is $200 to
hunting females only!
Norton and Lil Ruby treed on a bear!
Bear dogs treed!