Havest Season 2007
Jamie and Diesel on Gordy's bear.
Mike Chern and his bear.
Left to right. Amanda and Haley holding
Tinker.Gordon holding Dottie and Ally,Mike Chern
.Diana holding Haley and Diesel. These are the dogs
we use to get Mike's bear.
Amanda,our granddaughter Haley's first bear
season,and the dogs we used to hunt Gordy's
Gordy and his bear.
Mike's Chern bear Gordy skinned was 6'5"
Diesel and LiL Ruby treeing on Gordy's
Mike's bear we treed second of havest
season and turned down wanted the
bigger male but other bear hunters didn't
have the dogs we did so they stalked us
every day making it hard to get on him and
with this hunters having no ethic's we
knew they would try and beat us to the tree
so we didn't run him but once and he was
very gun shy! LOL
Gordy's bear! Gordy told Diesel that day
he was tired of hunters that didn't have
bear dogs stalking us all of training and
havest season so he told Diesel go find
me a nice bear and he did.
Ally and Beckey Treeing on pott belly bear we called
her cause she had a belly hanging like a pot belly pig
did. Ally is a super nice two year old that our third
generation. Ally is out of Beckey's full brother
Norton and Lil Ruby.
Tinker and Haley watching as we let this
bear go it was too small.
Picture of one of the cameras.