GrCh Ledford's Finley River LiL Lonnie's son ! We have Lonnie's son
Lonnie at stud proven reproducer!
GrCh Finley River Lil Lonnie
GrCh Finley River Lil Lonnie owned by Haley
or Amanda. Haley loves walking Lonnie.
Lonnie littermate to Lizzy and Dott!
Lonnie litter mate to Dott and Lizzy hunted
on coon and cats. His pups hunt bear,coon,
and cats.
LiL Lonnie and Locket pup at five
months old first time looking at a lion.
Harley is owned by son Scott.
Zoey another pup out of LiL Lonnie and Ally!
Harley five month old pup out of LiL
Lonnie and Locket. Went nuts his first
time on a lion. Owned by son Scott.
Lockdown Lonnie now owned by
Lawrence Bedford of MT. Running and
treeing on lions,bobcat and coon since
five months old.
LiL Lonnie's Pedigree
Here is Don Nicely with another
littermate out of LiL Lonnie and
Locket. Finley River Magic's first show
in New York at a Bluetick Sectional
won best in show at eight months old.
Don is the breeder is my line of dogs
way back in the pedigree. Don bred
Spring Creek Max, Nicely's Superior
Polly and several more hounds.
Carly nine month old working over a
coon. Turned coon loose did a great job
tack and tree.
LiL Lonnie on the right and Diesel on
the left. Treed on Amanda's bear
LiL Lonnie Treed on a bear.
Deisel left and LiL Lonnie on the right.
LiL Lonnie treed on another bear. Trees just
like his dad and uncle Boomer.
Almost six months old out of LiL
Lonnie and Ally! Carrie!
Here is another pup out of LiL Lonnie and Ally.
Really mature acting for his age. Nice track and tree
dog at almost six months old. Will fight a coon also
on the ground no back up! Also owned by Marvin out
of MO. Marvins buddy Kevin has a LiL Lonnie pup
LiL Beckey has treed the last time we talk so far at
seven months old 37 coon and 5 bobcats.
Rip Cord Gordy's pick of the litter out of
LiL Lonnie and Ally.
Amanda playing with Ripcord on the bench. Ripcord is just
about 8months old out of LiL Lonnie and Ally cross.
Lonnie and Shania treed on a bear.