Scott's First Lion 2009!!!
Father Gordy and son Scott share
first lion hunt!
Diesel hasn't been on lions
since a year old pup so he
didn't want to let it go.
Gordy holding up Scott's
Diesel and LiL Lonnie the two
dogs that were use to get Scott's
trophy his first lion! LiL Lonnie's
first lion ever been on.
Son Scott still in shock can't get
over how easy his first lion,first
day hunting,and first tag filled with
in the first hour of hunting. wow!!!!
Son Scott's first lion,first lion tag,
first day of hunting lions, and got
this nice female with in the first
Son Scott's five month old pup
Harley out of LiL Lonnie and
Diesel's sister Locket first time
ever seen a lion. Harley went nuts.
Sweet Talking Rocky MTN Harley!!
Son Scott named his pup. Harley
going crazy over the lion. Should of
seen Harley around my sisters huge
house cat now.
Scott's first lion was a female about
125 to 130lbs we are guessing. Tried
to find a place to weigh the lion but
didn't. 74 inches unskinned and 94
inches skinned. About 6' 2" it was.
Father Gordy and son Scott with the
two dogs used on the lion Diesel
and LiL Lonnie. Lion was treed in
about 15 to 20 minutes. But we took
about 2 n half hours before we
figured out where we were going in
and to get to the dogs. Lion bailed
Harley's first time ever seeing a
lion and he sure wanted more. My
sisters house cat has claws and will
attack the pup. But now that Harley
seen a lion he loves cats, he loves
to tree and bayed up the cat and
A lion some guys Lawrence and
Randy in MT got with dogs and one
was a five month old pup from us.
This is the sized Scott wants next