Sweet Talking Walkers 6 Dual Ch Haley's Page!
Duke treed on a bear that his sister  
started  Haley
Duke treed on a bear!
Duke and his sister Haley doing what comes natural tracking
and treeing Bear, plus they hunt cats and coon when the
time comes! Rowdy owned by Mark Decker of Medford hunts
bear,cats with Rowdy another littermate!
Diesel Pedigree
Haley doing what she does best track a bear
to a tree. Super hard treed dog and producing
some nice pups.
Rasin just turned two a nice female out
of Mike Reager's Dual GrCh Finley
River Drumm and Dual Ch Haley. The
whole litter that is being hunted are just
as nice.
Dottie and Haley on tree.
Haley hard hard tree dog.
Haley and Lonnie treed on a bear.
Shooter's mom Tess's Pedigree
Duke and Haley's Pedigree!