Our young dogs!
Here is our next generations! Maggie,Naughty Sally,Fancy Nancy,Carrie,Jessie,Gracie,Ally!  
Will post pictures and pedigree!
Dot nice young female out of Lonnie and
Shania cross.
Fancy Nancy out Dick Clamme Savage
and Lady Nancy. Nancy is doing a great
job on coon and bear. Has no problem
treeing her own coon.
Fancy Nancy Pedigree
Naughty Sally first time out on bear.
Fancy Nancy only daughter.
Sally's dad Lonnie's pedigree
Bella treed on bear!
Sally on tree looking at another bear.
Kelly granddaughter to Nancy. Out of Bruce and
Dot treed on bear.
Shania's moms pedigree link
Shania's dads pedigree Duke
Lizzy Dot's littermate sister
and also brother Lonnie
Bella nice top young female outstanding cold nose
and can tree and start coon, bear, cats.
Bella beautiful female on the tree and on the ground!
Rose super nice female off Lizzy and Oscar cross. Very
independent on coon  likes hunting alone! Big huge bawl
mouth. Super friendly loves people and kids not for sale!